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1. Payment Method
We accept the following payment methods for your reservations:
Best Service Guarantee: With many years of experience in tourism, JLBestmeeting has a wide selection of available hotels, which can ensure all hotel rooms we provide to our customers are superior in terms of price and value.
Hotel Reservation: Please go to the homepage and click the exhibition you wish to attend, and click Reserve to enter the reservation page. Please fill in the reservation info, and those marked with '*' should not be left empty.
How Do I Know My reservation Is Complete? Once you have completed the reservation, we will ask you to confirm the application you submitted via the method of your choice. The reservation will be completed upon your confirmation, or you can also login the system to check whether the status is 'Confirmed'. Please make payment within 7 days after ordering, otherwise the order will be canceled.
Change or Cancellation of Reservation: If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, you may login our system, enter your mobile number or email address along with the password and verification code, and click 'My Orders' before clicking on the order number to change or cancel your order subject to our refund policy. You cannot change your order for more than 3 times; if more changes are needed, you may dial our service hotline+86-755-82880055/82880089
2. Online Reservation
You can login our website and complete your reservation through the guidance of our system. Please leave your mobile number, telephone number (with extension number if there is any) and email when submitting the order.
3. Reservation Hotline
+86-755-82880055/82880089; +86-755-82880596; +86-755-88360910; +86-755-82880057; +86-755-88298376
4. Reservation through Email
Please send your reservation information and contact information to our email address (service@bestmeeting.net.cn). Our staff will contact you and confirm your reservation.
5. Hotel Reservation Status (Click 'My Orders' to View Status)
Processing: The order is being processed by our staff. If the status remains unchanged for 24 hours, please dial our Shenzhen service hotline +86-755-82880055/82880089 to check your order.
Confirmed: Your order has been processed with a room reserved for you or you have received a written confirmation from the hotel.
Canceled: You have canceled your order and JLBestmeeting has received a written confirmation for cancellation from the hotel.
Pending Payment: Payment has not been completed via the payment method selected by you after the order is submitted.
6. Payment
Online payment: You can make online payment through Alipay or PayPal. When you cancel the order due to your own reasons and ask for refund, you shall also bear the transaction fee that Alipay or PayPal collects from JLBestmeetiing.
Bank transfer: If you cannot access to online payment and wish to make a bank transfer, please find our bank accounts in 'Payment Policy'. A 3% bank transfer fee is also payable.
7. Payment Record
Click 'Payment Records' to see your paid orders.
8. Refund
If you have paid online, the refund will be credited to the original credit/debit card you used to make payment. If you paid via bank transfer, the refund will be credited to the original account you used to make payment. If the refund is due to your own reasons, you shall bear all charges payable during the refund process.
9. Reset Password
After you have completed the reservation, the system will automatically generate a user account according to your email or mobile number; a random password is also generated and sent to you by text message or email. You can login the system by entering your mobile number/email and the password you received. After successful login, you can change the password by clicking 'My Account' and then 'Reset Password' in the menu on the left side of the page.
10. Satisfaction Survey
After the event, or after you have received our service, you may comment on our service through the 'Satisfaction Survey' function. Your valuable feedback would enable us to provide better service to you for the next time.