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Deputy Manager Assistant
1 person
1.Male/Female, age 25-32, own degree of bachelor or above in relevant major like Public Relations, Admin Management, Corporate Management and Finance trading etc.
2.Over 2 years of working experiences as manager assistant in big corporate corporation or secretary of the Group.
3.Training experience in strategy management and marketing management.
4.Good personal image, friendly, strong ability to communicate and organize.
5.Smart, strong ability of judgement and decision-making and plan execution.
6.Good team work spirit, be honest, reliable and well behaved.
7.Achieve CET-4 or above, good English speaking ability; prefer a driving license..
Exhibition & Conference Project Manager
1-2 persons
1.College degree or above, over 3 years working experience in related to exhibition and conference; achieve CET-4 or above, good image.
2.Able to generate Power Point proposal independently based on the needs of clients.
3.Able to make simple design using PHOTOSHOP and CorelDraw.
4.Coordinate and instruct the exhibition schedule and arrangement during the event and solve problem in time.
5.Build up and maintain good client relations, actively search for long and deep business cooperation opportunity.
6.Able to find out potential problems and integrate different resources for improving a better service.
7.Being professional and team-work spirit, have awareness of hospitality.
8.Have wide-ranged knowledge, being familiar to domestic industry; have preference to candidate with experience in event, hotel, tourism and relevant industry.
Convention Project Manager/Assistant
2 persons
1.College degree or above, over 5 years working experience
2.Own the experience and ability of proposing and executing independently on convention activities & public relations, have experience for big project.
3.Strong communication skill, accurately understand the brand concept and apply into proposal, follow up the project according to the guest’s need.
4.Strong skill of organizing, have rich experience in project management and recommendation, able to take the whole project under control.
5.Have a rigorous thinking, work for excellence and pursue higher quality of work.
Hotel Reservation Officer
Several persons
1. College degree or above, good personal image; 1-2 years or above convention/exhibition working experience; achieve CET-4 or above.
2. Passionate of serving and operating industry, able to offer clients services like hotel reservation, car hiring, ticket booking or traveling inquiry etc.
3. Good communication skill, be capable of handling business cooperation or competition efficiently.
4. Have strong teamwork and serving consciousness.
5. Rich in knowledge and be familiar in domestic exhibition industry development. Relevant working experience in convention execution, hotel reservation or reception and tourism is a preference.
Event/Exhibition Marketing Officer
Several persons
1. College degree or above, good personal image.
2. Working experience in hotel and exhibition marketing.
3. Good marketing consciousness and skills, have particular views in marketing and be capable of performance stress.
4. Good at communication and opinion expression.
5. Clients resources are a preference.
Event/Exhibition Assistant -- part time
several persons
1. Working experience in hospitality and exhibition service (e.g. Canton Fair, Medical Fair, Gift Show) is a preference.
2. Be Friendly and stick to the schedule
3. Good communication skill, be quick in thinking and good personal image
4. Have teamwork consciousness, hardworking and obey management orders.
5. Have strong capability of emergency solving.
Graphic Designer
1 person
1. College degree or above, major at arts or design, over 3 years working experience.
2. Be capable of independent project design, experienced in stage design of large-scale activities.
3. Strong ability of organization, and good leadership to the team.
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